Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One adventure ends, another begins!

Alas, my adventures in vbscript are at an end, but this isn't the end for me kids.  A new adventure awaits in Powershell.  I have begun converting many of my scripts from vbscript to Powershell and it has been quite an eye opener.  There are many more possibilities since it opens up more access to .Net runtimes.   I've been converting one of my most complex HTA scripts over and it has mostly been a breeze while still adding a ton of cool new functionality. 

Powershell functions are much more advanced and allow some great capabilities for re-use.  As I create useful functions, I will wrap them up and post at our new blog location for you all to enjoy.

I can't wait to get up to speed and share my new adventures with you all!

See you soon,

Oh, guess you probably need a link to the new Adventures in Powershell